Placenta Encapsulation

“In recent years there has been an increasing public interest in placentophagy, which is the consumption of the placenta following the birth of a child. Placenta has been known to be consumed raw, dehydrated or roasted.  It has also been encapsulated and made into tinctures.

Health Canada is aware that some mothers are choosing to have placenta processing services prepare their baby’s placenta for the mother to consume following the birth of their child. Eating placenta or taking placenta pills is a mother’s personal choice.” -Health Canada

Why Mothers are taking placenta pills

Because they are believed to

  • Contain your own natural hormones.

  • Be perfectly made for you.

  • Balance your system.

  • Replenish depleted iron.

  • Give you more energy.

  • Lessen bleeding postnatally.

  • Increase milk production.

  • Help you have a happier postpartum period.

  • Hasten return of uterus to pre-pregnancy state.

  • Be helpful during menopause.

The fee for placenta encapsulation services reflects the time and cost of materials it takes to put your placenta into pill form. Please be advised that you are consuming your placenta at your own risk.

Fee for placenta encapsulation is $150

Placenta print is an additional $50