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Private Childbirth Education

Connected Birth - Private Childbirth Education Classes

Our private childbirth education has been created to fully explain the birthing process and to inform you of ALL your birth options. We teach with a holistic approach; by preparing your whole self (mind and body) for your upcoming birth.

Benefits of private sessions

  • Tailored to your specific needs
  • At a time convenient for you
  • Done in the comfort of your own home
  • Allows you to discuss personal issues at ease


  • Items needed to prepare for your birth
  • Stages of labour and what you can expect
  • What is happening to the body during birth
  • Creating a birth preference document for you and your care providers
  • Preparing the mind for birth- how to work through fear
  • Preparing the body for birth- coping methods, positions and movements
  • Tips and tricks for partners and/or labour support persons
  • The effect your labouring environment can have on your birth experience
  • The importance of optimal fetal positioning
  • Transition and pushing
  • Birth options and newborn procedures
  • The importance of skin to skin contact
  • Medical interventions- risks and benefits
  • The importance of self care and signs and symptoms of PPD
  • Breastfeeding in a nutshell and practical newborn care
  • Yoga positions and movements for pregnancy/labour and birth

Private childbirth education- $140 + travel fee if located outside of the Shuswap area

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