Birth Pool Rental


La Bassine Regular Birth Pool


External dimensions: 60” x 53” 

Interior depth: 25”

Internal dimensions: 45” x 37”  

La Bassine comes with its own carrying case. Inflation and deflation is quick and easy with both large and small air valve options.

It provides an intimate space yet with plenty of room to move, without over taxing your hot water system. Holds around 450 litres at 80% full.

The deep blue colour enhances the sense of privacy and will induce deep relaxation.

It's spacious on the inside with a 3” inflated floor to give the perfect water depth that fully covers your belly without being too deep that you feel insecure.

La Bassine has 2 internal handles, exactly where you need them! Use to assist in position changes, or to grab on to while you push, voted best feature by many women and midwives.


The Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool


External dimensions: 72” x 64” 

Interior depth: 27” 

Internal dimensions: 52” x 44” 

The Aquaborn Eco Birth Pools are the highest quality inflatables available on the market and made from strong, durable eco-vinyl. 6 handles give more position choices than ever before and a white non-slip bottom ensures optimum safety and visibility. A heat retaining lid is included with each pool. The pool, lid, and liners are all pthalate free.

They are a little deeper to achieve bouyancy in water and allow easy movement between positions. We know you will want to move around and assume positions which bring your body out of the water. The Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool was made a little deeper so that your waist can stay in the water even when you want to lean over the pool. This is perfect for a birth position where it is important to keep your pelvis in the water.

These pools have six handles that are optimally placed to assist in all birth positions. The two on top allow backward leaning, squatting and pushing positions while allowing the midwife to get closer to the expectant mother if needed. The two on the sides provide assistance in forward leaning and bracing. The two internal handles provide assistance in moving from one position to another, reclining and forward leaning.

They are made from environmentally friendly eco vinyl which is safe for everyone, even when heated. It’s comfortable and no extra padding is required. The Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool provides the perfect calm and safe environment to help you through your labour and birth. Being calm is an important part of helping your labour progress more quickly.

Included in your rental

Clean fill hose, tap adapter, air pump, pool cover/lid and disinfectant wipes and submersible pump (only one in stock, may not be available).

What you will need- Pool liner (available for purchase through Midwifery Supplies Canada), hose to empty pool, submersible water pump (optional), tarp for underneath (optional), debris net.

Rental Fee

$35 per week and a $350 refundable cash or cheque- will be returned when pool is brought back in good, dry, clean condition.